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Something about Batman V Superman : it’s very great, have you critics and people gone totally crazy ?

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Something about Batman V Superman :  it’s very great, have you critics and people gone totally crazy ?

On Rotten Tomatoes:

Batman V Superman : 29%

The Green Lantern : 26% The Amazing-Spider Man 2 : 53%

Quantum of Solace : 65% Avengers 2 : 75%

The Dark Knight Rises : 87% Batman Forever : 41%

Iron Man 2 : 72% X-men the last tand : 51%

X-Men Origins Wolverine : 38% Twilight 48%

At least it still above fifty shades of grey by 4%.

Seriously ? Quantum of Solace, twice as good as BvS ? Iron man 2 twice as good as well ? Are you all completely nuts ? Batman forever !?! Seriously ? Batman Forever is a better batman movie than Batman v Superman !?! What the fuck is going on ? Have you all lost your minds !?!

I’m not a superhero movie fan. I watch these movies most of the time but they really don’t interest me enough to attract me into a theatre. I still haven’t seen Thor 2, X-Men 3, 4, 5, Iron Man 3, Daredevil, or the Green Lantern or the three Fantastic 4 movies or the Amazing Spider Man 1&2. I found Guardians of the Galaxy boring, Avengers 1&2 are so meh I don’t remember two scenes of each, and it took me four screenings before I could actually start to like The Dark Knight (I kept watching it because I couldn’t understand why anything happened in this film).

I did not intend to see Batman V Superman in theatre but because after having created a huge hype train the movie was shot down in flames I went. I thought Man of Steel had depth and that the same team + the character of Batman couldn’t make a movie less than average. All the criticisms drove me curious and I decided that I wanted to have my own opinion even though I really didn’t feel like going to a two hours and twenty minutes long movie which promised to be noisy, violent and dark.

Now, Batman V Superman is a very good movie and I find it quite upsetting that soooooo many professional critics and youtubers and people could not realise that, even if they did not enjoy watching it.

I find it quite annoying (and scary) that so many criticisms should be so shallow, complacent, narcissistic and downright stupid.

For example, many people complain, and they complained about this problem in Man of Steel too, that Lois Lane can teleport. Whenever Superman is fighting, she always manages to follow the fight and to appear where she is needed. So what ? Do they want to have twenty minutes of Die Hard with a Vengeance with Lois stealing cars and driving madly through the city each time the screenwriters want her to interact with Superman during a fight ? Or do they want Superman’s love interest to just sit down and read a book every time he kicks a monster’s ass ? I’m sure they’d complain about the movie being sexist if that was the case. Lois is a very important character and no, it is not believable that she could follow Superman most of the time. But we’re watching a movie and guess what ? What’s important is not realism but meaning. Each thing that happens between Lois and Clark is meaningful and belongs to Superman’s character arc. If everything has to be realistic, it means, Lois and Clark have to meet between each part of a fight scene at her apartment or somewhere safe where it is realistic that they’d meet… during a fight scene.

Chatting / fighting / chatting / fighting / chatting. I think I prefer directors and screenwriters to trust my capacity to overlook some unexplained “teleportations” and not be an ass about it.

Same thing about the Martha coincidence. Both Superman and Batman’s mothers are called Martha, by chance Superman utters “please save Martha” just before Batman kills him and the vigilante is so unsettled that he allows his mortal enemy to speak. If it had been written “Batman V Superman: a Shakespeare’s play” on the poster, everybody would have cried “The mothers’ names ! Genius ! Deeply metaphorical !” But it’s Zack Snyder so let’s laugh at him, Let’s mock this ridiculous incredible coincidence because you know, we would have found something so much smarter and deep to do. And I’m not saying this idea is “genius,” I’m saying it’s good, it’s a respectable idea and the movie earnt this coincidence because it is meaningful.

Edit: and fucking hell ! I've just checked because I didn't even know, Superman and Batman's mothers are also both called Martha in the comic ! It's not even just for the film !

It is meaningful because Batman realises that if he kills Superman he commits a crime on the exact same level as the murderer of his parents. I know, it’s nothing complex or impressive, it's expected, but it simply is relevant to the character and it’s important that the fight should confront him to something symbolic that makes him evolve (or retrace his step to a time at which he was less monstruous).

It is also meaningful because he wants to kill Superman because his godlike quality/attitude/behaviour deprives human beings of any sense of worth and utility. It is an incredibly deep and subversive idea. Think Superman = America depriving the world of its dignity. And “Please save mommy” are not the last words of a god. Batman learns that before the fight, Superman had already been vanquished by someone else and needed help.

So many people are just summing this up with “Awww, our mothers have the same names ! All the reasons I have to kill you have just vanished !”

And I could go on and on and on about this movie and I suppose I will in other articles because there is a lot to analyse and I’m just shocked at how much this great movie is criticized. I just needed first to get this little cry off my chest.

Personally, I would simply have wanted more of everything except Doomsday, the fight is long enough, and stuff about the Justice League. But more Batman, more Superman, more Lois Lane, more Luthor, a bit more fights, another car chase maybe, more Wonder Woman without making her less mysterious, more of Superman saving lives, more Clark Kent struggling to be a human, more Daily planet. Of course, I’m not saying the movie could have included all that, I’m just saying, most things were satisfactory in it.

Seriously there are so many good things in the film :

  • The destruction of metropolis, the casualties, the impact on Bruce Wayne. Great.
  • Lois Lane saved in Africa by Superman. Great.
  • Lois and Clark’s relationship going to shred because of what happened in Africa. Great.
  • Batman having become particularly ruthless since Superman’s apparition and the fear he inspires people. The collateral damages he creates.
  • Lex Luthor’s fragility and repressed anger.
  • The handicapped guy who escalates Superman’s statue. The dynamic about feeling powerless and useless when such a being exist.
  • Lois’ little investigation about the bullet which brings her to accept that she fucked up and has to repair the damages she caused.
  • The montage of interventions from Superman.
  • The aesthetic of many many shots.
  • The weird-as-fuck dream in the desert.
  • NOT the flash ridiculous apparition. “Shit, I’m too soon. Not only do I am totally out of place in the movie but I actually didn’t mean to be here.” And NOT aquaman with his inflated cheeks.
  • Superman’s laser eyes are awesome.
  • Alfred severe criticism of Bruce. Even though, his lines aren’t casual enough I found.
  • Batman’s ruthless attempt at stealing the Kryptonite (the nasty car chase) because he is scared and Superman’s intervention.
  • Batman going back to the batcave at high speed and finding a way to steal the Kryptonite anyway.
  • The fact that there actually is a winner to the fight between batman and superman. (Batman kicks superman's ass)
  • The fucking bombing of the court room by Lex Luthor !
  • Lex Luthor’s visit of the Kryptonian’s ship and his husky intimidated voice.
  • The shot filmed from super far when Superman catches Lois who is falling
  • How Luthor submits Batman, the fact that he should kidnap his mother. Yes, it’s cliché, but again, it’s earnt and relevant.
  • Batman and Superman’s fight obviously. And damn, it is very very good. Even the few words they exchange during it.
  • The impact of "Martha" on Batman.
  • Superman’s few minutes of coma in space.
  • Wonder Woman's lack of interest in Lex Luthor’s speech when everybody is applauding.
  • Batman saving Superman’s mother. The fight that everybody is complementing and then using in order to bash the film even more.
  • Many of Doomsday moves, although yes, everything is not perfect about him. Some parts are really good though. His shouts too and the overall impression that the monster gives of being indestructible. And Here I’d like to thank the f***ing idiots who complained about the casualties at the end of the first movie. Thank you for this final fight on an inhabited island in the middle of nowhere. Thank you. That didn’t undermine Doomsday as a threat. Fuckers. It’s easy to criticize, it’s harder to think.

Anyway, I made my point, and the film has even grown on me while I was writing all this. Really it was very good. I enjoyed a lot of it but what I enjoyed most is that it has depth and meaning. And it disgusts me that so many people when they complain about DC don’t realise that they’re actually saying: “DC could you please stop being ambitious and trying to make actual mature and intelligent movies ? Please make long and hollow rollercoaster rides, and flatter our egos instead of expecting us to use our brains and our emotions.”