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Justice League (Snyder Cut) : Joker Says Something Funny (0002 words)

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"You won't kill me, I'm your best friend."

"You won't kill me, I'm your best friend."

Of course, I'm the first to claim that what a character says doesn't prove much if anything indicates otherwise, that there's no ultimate authority on the meaning of the elements of a story and that everything comes down to coherence.

So I'm not writing this comment as if Justice League's Joker undeniably proved me right. Still, his "You won't kill me, I'm your best friend" at 3h46m55s resonated strangely in me as it's the title I used for most of the articles I wrote about the fact that Bruce Wayne secretly desires everything that The Joker does. The Joker incarnates Bruce Wayne's unacceptable desires and thus always behave in a way that pleases Bruce. Not Batman, because Batman is Bruce giving up on his desires. The more scared Bruce is, the more he'll hide behind The Batman, the more The Joker will threaten to appear.


Batman : The Joker is Bruce's Best Friend

Batman Begins (2005) : The Joker is Bruce's Best Friend part 2

Batman : The Dark Knight (2008) : The Joker is Bruce's Best Friend part 1, 2, 3, 4.

The Animated movie "Batman: Under the Red Hood" gives a nice hint too.




Justice League (Snyder Cut) : Joker Says Something Funny (0002 words)

Also, about the Snyder Cut.

I was very unsettled by the fact that Steppenwolf, the great bad guy of this Justice League, should be motivated by a desire to go back home and see his family when every single member of the Justice League actually doesn't really have or care about their family. They're all defined as people who want to remain away from their blood ties.


Batman. They're dead and he is incapable of growing attached to people in general and always ends up killing them. I mean, the Joker kills them.

Wonder Woman. She fled from the island of the amazons and doesn't even try to help or save them in this movie. She doesn't care about them... and I can't blame her, I find the amazons boring as hell.

Cyborg. Dead mother. A father indifferent to his son's accomplishments until the latter becomes his subject of experiment. Another Justice Leaguer who wishes he didn't have a family. 

Aquaman. half-Atlantean, half-human, he's a pariah in both worlds and has accepted to live without a family, without a sense of "home."

Flash. Dead mother. Dad  in jail for the murder of the mother that the kid is convinced his father didn't commit. I'm not sure he's right. Anyway, again no proper family.

Superman. Double dead dads. Alien on earth trying to be loved by humanity. Succeeded in death. In other words, he failed. Still, he might be the sole Justice League member to have a desire for a family and the capacity to enjoy one, he has a loving mother and asks Lois to marry him. That's why he's the key and center of the team. He's the exception that confirms the rule.


And so, isn't it weird that these guys should be fighting a creature who only wish for one thing: visiting his family ? They just needed to ask Steppenwolf why he was doing all this, promise to help him and the fight was over.

"Am I not going to see my family !?!"

"Am I not going to see my family !?!"