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Justice League (Snyder Cut) : Joker Says Something Funny (0002 words)

Publié le par Kevin

"You won't kill me, I'm your best friend."

"You won't kill me, I'm your best friend."

Of course, I'm the first to claim that what a character says doesn't prove much if anything indicates otherwise, that there's no ultimate authority on the meaning of the elements of a story and that everything comes down to coherence.

So I'm not writing this comment as if Justice League's Joker undeniably proved me right. Still, his "You won't kill me, I'm your best friend" at 3h46m55s resonated strangely in me as it's the title I used for most of the articles I wrote about the fact that Bruce Wayne secretly desires everything that The Joker does. The Joker incarnates Bruce Wayne's unacceptable desires and thus always behave in a way that pleases Bruce. Not Batman, because Batman is Bruce giving up on his desires. The more scared Bruce is, the more he'll hide behind The Batman, the more The Joker will threaten to appear.


Batman : The Joker is Bruce's Best Friend

Batman Begins (2005) : The Joker is Bruce's Best Friend part 2

Batman : The Dark Knight (2008) : The Joker is Bruce's Best Friend part 1, 2, 3, 4.

The Animated movie "Batman: Under the Red Hood" gives a nice hint too.




Justice League (Snyder Cut) : Joker Says Something Funny (0002 words)

Also, about the Snyder Cut.

I was very unsettled by the fact that Steppenwolf, the great bad guy of this Justice League, should be motivated by a desire to go back home and see his family when every single member of the Justice League actually doesn't really have or care about their family. They're all defined as people who want to remain away from their blood ties.


Batman. They're dead and he is incapable of growing attached to people in general and always ends up killing them. I mean, the Joker kills them.

Wonder Woman. She fled from the island of the amazons and doesn't even try to help or save them in this movie. She doesn't care about them... and I can't blame her, I find the amazons boring as hell.

Cyborg. Dead mother. A father indifferent to his son's accomplishments until the latter becomes his subject of experiment. Another Justice Leaguer who wishes he didn't have a family. 

Aquaman. half-Atlantean, half-human, he's a pariah in both worlds and has accepted to live without a family, without a sense of "home."

Flash. Dead mother. Dad  in jail for the murder of the mother that the kid is convinced his father didn't commit. I'm not sure he's right. Anyway, again no proper family.

Superman. Double dead dads. Alien on earth trying to be loved by humanity. Succeeded in death. In other words, he failed. Still, he might be the sole Justice League member to have a desire for a family and the capacity to enjoy one, he has a loving mother and asks Lois to marry him. That's why he's the key and center of the team. He's the exception that confirms the rule.


And so, isn't it weird that these guys should be fighting a creature who only wish for one thing: visiting his family ? They just needed to ask Steppenwolf why he was doing all this, promise to help him and the fight was over.

"Am I not going to see my family !?!"

"Am I not going to see my family !?!"

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Bjorn Smith 03/04/2021 08:11

Interesting article with many truthful valid points, yes many Heroes and Heroines, Villains too in films and Comics seem to secretly hate their families or allies getting rid off or hurting them in the worse possible way example Sarah Conner "The Terminator" her mother killed by the Cyborg, John Conner frost parents "Terminator 2." and "Kill Bill vol 1" the Bride wedding is far from people to notice the massacre, the Groom seem to don't know nothing about the Bride, a random date site wedding must have fixed them up, why she didn't go to a cheap Las Vegas Elvis impersonator for a much quick wedding? The recent "Three Joker Comics" DC 2020 highlight the Joker's wife and son from "The Batman the Killing Joke" are alive hiding from the Joker with Bruce Wayne assistance because of his abusive violent ways towards her, you lay this out in the Batman the Killing Joke articles 2016, he may have killed her you wrote but in Films and Comics these days you can't show violence, sexual assaults to female characters, even though Men are victims too, because no writer and artist have right to be creative in there storytelling, characters development and drawings by the Political Woke SJW unlawful Censor cancel culture police media today what this world would be come in the future if this continuing. you mention The animated movie "Batman: Under the Red Hood," base off even in the original "Death in the Family " the ironic how Jason Todd's mother allow Joker to beat her son to death, strange to me at that time reading as it accord after Jason pushed a Drug dealer and killer to death and was acting disobey to Bruce Wayne, the hidden meaning of Jason Todd's death is your mother abandon you to suffered, I (Bruce Wayne ) give a home and existence, yet you choice to reject my laws, you (Jason Todd) must suffered the consequence at the hands of the Joker, no wonder Jason Todd was piss when he return at the Batman. Bruce Wayne repeat this behavior in "the Batman War Games Comics 2004-2005" the victim was Stephanie Brown the first female robin a naïve 17 year old who he fired, provoking her to sold his plan to destroyed the gangs of Gotham, lead to a war and the rest of Black Mask power in the city, if Joker is Bruce's happy side and friend than Black Mask is Sadist side, Black Mask capture and torture Stephanie Brown in sexual posses, after doing this left her living, but it's hinted that Black Mask may have rape Stephanie Brown aka spoiler in "Robin (1993) Vol.4 # 131, 2004". completely loyal is Bruce Wayne motto disobedience is punishment. Same thing with Superman allowing Luthor to blow a planet of new Krypton bottle city of Kandor inhabitance " Superman: New Krypton 2008 to 2010" series because they refuse to co exitance with humanity on earth, I guess in storytelling of plots the Hero/ Heroine needs to sacrifice someone too villainy to give them purpose of living to direct their motive no movies cannot function without this elements, we the audience have to accept this actions, yet there growing element today call Woke cancel culture want to stifled artists creative directions in films in the wrong way, thank for the article wish you the best bye.

Kevin 14/04/2021 11:43

Hello Bjorn, thanks for your nice comment.

The Bride’s wedding always had something very strange that I did not understand. Also, when Bill comes and attacks, it is specified that it was a rehearsal, not the actual marriage. I always wondered why Tarantino had developed this element. Now, I think I understand better thanks to your take on the matter. True, Kiddo doesn’t care about this marriage. It’s a joke, “a Las Vegas union”, a set-up. She put this into place purposely so that Bill would find her. It’s a mean to tell Bill something.

Your point about woke/cancel culture is perfectly legitimate and I don’t have much to say on that topic except that it is a sign of the collapse of our cultures and it’s, obviously, very worrying. I totally agree with your idea that this ideologies are stifling, not only artists but people who think for themselves.

I’ve already considered the idea of writing an article on the fact that stories rest upon flaws, weaknesses and immoral behaviours. Not only because political correctness makes everything dull but because stories are about life’s struggles, we want to learn something through them. It’s not a morbid voyeuristic desire that brings us to witness and read about negative, sad, cruel things, it’s a desire to understand life, protect ourselves and become better individuals.

Considering the depiction of negative behaviours as problematic is simply forbidding writing. The moral Manicheism, or subtler moral compass, of most stories is only an illusion created to make things more palatable to the readers. The truth is always more complex, a lot less politically correct and as ruthless as life can be.

We all need at some point to believe that Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman are perfect individuals but as we mature intellectually, we come to realise that things are never that simple and we can learn to look beyond reassuring appearances. Woke culture is a child sticking his fingers in his ears and closing his eyes while shouting “I don’t want to grow up !” and then going as far as destroying anyone not abiding by his whim.

I regularly watch videos on youtube by fans of comics who complain about how woke culture is destroying superheroes. One recurrent flaw is that the authors insert themselves inside their comics. How surprising. Woke culture is a narcissist morbid fantasy. Anyway.

I don’t know Black Mask or Stephanie Brown but both your points easily seem valid. Most of the time I dislike resurrection stories but the point made by Jason Todd in “Under the a Red Hood” about Batman not killing the Joker was a very nice one.

I’m a bit frustrated that there won’t be a follow up to the Snyder cut, I quite enjoyed this version of the movie. The team truly felt extremely powerful in a dangerous way. Everything seems to be fated to go wrong and the apocalyptic future truly feels inevitable.

Anyway. Bye. Thanks for the comment.